January 25th is Bell Let's Talk Day

Date: January 25, 2017


Today marks the 7th Annual Bell Let's Talk Day, which aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues. This is a fantastic opportunity for Canadians to come together through social media and talk about mental health while raising funds for a very worthwhile cause.
In support of mental health initiatives across Canada, Bell will donate five cents for every text message, mobile or long distance call, every tweet and Instagram post using #BellLetsTalk and every view of their video posted on at Facebook.com/BellLetsTalk.
"It's a fact, one in five Canadians will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime. One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma. It is the number one reason why two-thirds of those living with a mental illness do not seek help.

Developed in partnership with Dr. Heather Stuart, the Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-stigma Research Chair at Queen's University, here are 5 simple ways to help end the stigma that keeps too many who struggle with mental illness from seeking the help they need.

Language matters - The words you use can make all the difference. Words can help but they can also hurt.

Educate yourself - Stigma has been around for a long time and knowing the facts and myths about mental illness can be a great way to help end stigma. Read about facts and myths and become a stigma buster.

Be kind - Simple kindness can make a world of difference. Whether it be a smile, being a good listener or an invitation for coffee and a chat, these simple acts of kindness can help open up the conversation and let someone know you are there for them.

Expressions like "You'll get over it" and "Just relax" can minimize how a person is feeling. Instead offer your support and say "I'm sorry you aren't feeling well." Ask what you can do to help.

Listen and ask - Mental illness is a very common form of human pain and suffering. Being a good listener and asking how you can help, sometimes just even being there for people you care about, can be the first step in recovery.

Here are a few examples of what to ask:

• I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.
• I've noticed you've seemed down lately.
• Is everything ok?
• How can I help?

Talk about it

Break the silence. Mental illness touches us all in some way directly or through a friend, family member or colleague. Stories of people who have experienced mental health issues and who are doing well can really challenge stereotypes. Most people with mental health issues can and do recover, just by talking about it."

Source - http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ways-to-help
We invite you to join us today in spreading this important message over social media.

For additional information and resources, visit letstalk.bell.ca

Yours truly,

President Rob Jamieson & the Board of Directors
Ontario Provincial Police Association

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