February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month in Canada

Date: February 1, 2017


As part of our commitment to the membership to champion and celebrate diversity, President Jamieson and Vice-President Hoffman joined the OPP in Toronto on Sunday afternoon for the Black History Month launch event, hosted by the Ontario Black History Society.
In December 1995, a unanimous motion was passed proclaiming February as Black History Month in Canada. This motion was proudly presented by Jean Augustine, the first black woman elected to Parliament. Few are aware of the history and sacrifice black men and women made predating the war of 1812 and beyond to help shape and form what we now hail as the best place to live on earth.
Our history says a lot about who we are, what we stand for and how the world regards us. While February is designated to raise awareness of black history, it is important that we recognize and celebrate this history all year long.
Several great and prominent leaders stand out as major contributors to our Country. Two significant examples are former Governor General Michaelle Jean and former Lieutenant Governor, and late Honorary Commissioner, Lincoln Alexander, who was nothing short of a remarkable man and a real friend to Policing.
So many others stand out, but two of the so called "firsts", blazed a trail of needed change. Alton Parker, the first black detective in Canada and Chief Devon Clunis of the Winnipeg Police Service, who became the first black Canadian to be named Chief of Police, come to mind.
We recognize and celebrate our own members, both past and present, uniform and civilian, who are considered leaders in their own communities. Their role in law enforcement continues to have positive and lasting impacts to the people of this province.
The OPP Association whole heartedly supports Black History Month. We ask you to join us in celebrating its rich history and to acknowledge leaders of the black community who have helped shape this country.

Yours truly,

President Rob Jamieson & the Board of Directors
Ontario Provincial Police Association

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