2009 Member of the Year

Date: October 23, 2009

OPPA “Bill Elliott" Member of the Year

Gina has been the Academy OPPA member representative for many years. She has been a consistent support for members of the Academy during some very trying times of management change. She is a forthright, honest person who believes in using the tools the Association provides to speak up against what she perceives as non fair working practices of management. She has given strength to others by doing so. She is an active member and regularly attends Branch 18 meetings and functions. Gina also contributed as a civilian branch voting delegate at the 2007 AGM.

Gina has taken part in the OPP Children’s Christmas Party committee for many years including chairing the committee in December 2008 and the upcoming 2009 party. There is a lot of planning involved and she oversees a committee of 5 volunteers. Together they ensure all the children who attend have a present waiting for them as well as refreshments for the OPP families. This has become a real highlight of the season at GHQ.

Gina has been a volunteer board member for the 2009 OPPA “Bill Elliott” Member of the Year Recipient Gina West with, from the left, Treasure Island Day Care Facility at GHQ for over OPP Association Director Kevin Hummel, Bill Elliott and President Karl Walsh four years. One of Gina’s main responsibilities is fundraising as Treasure Island is a non-profit corporation. She has been instrumental in the successful local fundraising that is required to finance the children’s field trips that occur year round as well as assist during those trips. She has also secured corporate donations that have greatly helped the day care.

40 per cent of the children at the day care are children of OPP members. Gina also organizes the Children’s Treasure Island Christmas party for the day care as well.

Gina also volunteers her time as Secretary for the Lions Club. In her role there she has been involved in fundraising for the hospital and helped organize a golf tournament to raise money for the blind. She has also donated her time to work on the Orillia Fun Fest, a community sponsored event.

Gina, over the years, has participated in many events that have served the community and the OPP. If you were to think of someone with a community spirit of giving, Gina is that person.