2004 Member of the Year

Date: October 1, 2004

OPPA “Bill Elliott" Co-Members of the Year



When Faye first applied at Kingston Detachment to become a constable, women officers were new to the job and Faye didn’t even expect to be given an application form, let alone a job.  But despite her lack of police experience and no college education to her credit, Faye was successful in the hiring process and reported to the OPP Academy on Jarvis Street on May 19th, 1975.

In the early days of her career she was a groundbreaker, being the first policewoman to work in Morrisburg, Long Sault and Kaladar Detachments.  Faye retired from the OPP as a Constable from the Kaladar Detachment.  Until illness forced her to re-evaluate her duties, she was proud to be a “Road Warrior”.

Faye was very dedicated to the OPP, the OPPA, and her community.  She was the recipient of the Commissioner’s Citation for Work in Child Abuse and has been recognized for her fundraising efforts for the Canadian Liver Foundation.  Faye received a prestigious award from Liberty Mutual, America’s largest insurance company, for her acts “above and beyond the call of duty” for her assistance to a person involved in a motor vehicle collision. She even has the T-shirt to prove it!  She has received her fair share of accolades from the OPP, OPPA and the public, thanking her for her compassion and caring attitude both on and off the job.  Her work with the VIP program has garnered many awards from the schools she has worked in.  She was well respected among her peers within the OPP and OPPA and treasures the heartfelt words of gratitude she has received from her fellow workers.

Faye attended her first OPPA meeting in September 1975.  Right from the beginning she was hooked. She could see the need for a professional organization to fight for and protect the needs of the membership.  Faye was the Detachment Rep, and for a short time Secretary, at Morrisburg.  She was one of the first females, if not THE first, to attend an annual OPPA province-wide Board meeting.  Faye still remains heavily involved in the Association, serving as Detachment Rep, Secretary and Vice-President after her transfer to No. 9 Branch. 

While a member of the No. 9 Branch Executive, Faye has helped to organize many charitable events, including the memorable Flat Foot Balls that have raised more than $10,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation and the Canadian Liver Foundation. Her assistance with Cops for Cancer Hair-a-Thons and golf tournaments has helped to raise funds in excess of $100,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  A favourite event of Faye’s was the annual retirees’ Christmas party, which honours local retirees.  Faye was involved in her local police services board, in local church functions and in numerous other community and work-related events.  Faye is a firm believer in people treating each other with kindness and respect. 
Faye is the eldest girl in a family of eight children. She was raised on Army bases around the world.  She has been married for more than 20 years to Ian, a United Church minister. What a combination!

Faye retired on May 31st, 2005 and has been be pursuing her passion of sewing.


Brad Filman has lived and worked in the Peterborough area his entire career.  He attended every No. 8 Branch meeting and actively participated in the discussions. 

Brad was always known as a man who kept things on the even keel. He did this by providing appropriate advice to the members, and in one instance, by liaising with management to resolve a staffing issue.

Brad was referred to as “Mr. Community Policing”, and his policing professionalism has earned him the highest respect from all eight communities he polices.  More often than not, he was able to solve major community policing concerns before they develop into major problems.  Members of the public and the Detachment looked to him because of his vast policing experience.

Brad was been involved in many community events.  He was one of the key community players responsible for raising $18,000 for the families of victims of the September 11 tragedy.  He was instrumental in raising $22,000 for Fleming College Bursary Awards for Law and Security students.  Brad organized and participated in the Peterborough County Detachment’s response to the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation, and he organized a sporting event that raised $3,000 for the Detachment's DARE program. 

Brad was the key organizer for the Detachment’s 2002 Cops for Cancer program that raised $55,000.  He personally contributed a great deal of his time to this event, that resulted in him being selected as “Top Cop” in Ontario by the Cops for Cancer Committee.  Brad continued working for Cops for Cancer, planning events for 2003 and 2004.  He raised even more money in 2004 with combined events of a head shave and silent and public auctions. 

IN 2003, Brad was the recipient of the IODE Police Community Police Award and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Community Policing Award.

Brad’s dedication, commitment, and demeanor clearly demonstrate that his work ethic is a way of life. 

Congratulations to both Brad & Faye!