2003 Member of the Year

Date: October 1, 2003

OPPA “Bill Elliott" Member of the Year



Congratulations to Sister Glenda Reid who was named the 2003 OPPA “Bill Elliott” Member of the Year. Glenda has been a tireless worker for our Association in her short time with us. Sister Reid is currently the Civilian Director for Branch No. 10S of the OPPA and is actively involved in all aspects of the Branch’s day-to-day activities. 

Sister Reid has been instrumental in the success of the following organizations:

OPP Auxiliary Unit

  • Long serving member of the Leeds County Auxiliary Unit before resigning in 1996 as a Sergeant.
  • Recipient of the Leeds County Auxiliary Unit award for most proficient member

OPP – OPPA – 10 (S) Branch

  • Organized OPP attendance at the Police Memorial held in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Assisted in organizing the “Hook, Line and Sinker” OPP fishing weekend for Branch and local Police Service members.
  • Helps to organizes several hockey and golf tournaments for charity 
  • Volunteer of the Month for September 2002 for Eastern Region


  • Volunteer of the Month for January 2000 for the Town of Gananoque.
  • Assists in organizing golf and hockey tournaments
  • Involved with the Kingston East Fire Department.


  • Organized/assisted numerous Retirement/Transfer parties.
  • Involved in on-the-job training of members for the OPP Radio Operators program.

Sister Reid’s present project is purchasing/selling OPPA 10S Branch T-shirts, with monies going to various local charities. Glenda is well known in both her community and the policing family as a tireless worker who freely gives her time in promoting the OPP, the OPPA and 10S Branch. The greatest benefactors are the children and families who receive assistance from the charities she champions.

Congratulations to Glenda!