2002 Member of the Year

Date: October 25, 2002

OPPA “Bill Elliott" Member of the Year


Congratulations are sent to Peter McGuinness who was named the 2002 OPPA Member of the Year.  Peter has always been a tireless and hard working member of our Association.   While holding the post of President in No. 8 Branch, then No. 18 Branch, Peter was always there as an integral part of the Executive. 

Peter was born and raised in Brighton, England. He received his secondary education at the De La Salle College, graduating in 1967. In August 1967 he joined the Brighton Borough Police as a Cadet. In January 1968, the five police services in the County of Sussex amalgamated to form the Sussex Constabulary and Peter was transferred to the new police headquarters in Lewes. He was appointed a Constable in February 1969.

Peter emigrated to Canada in June 1975 with the intention of joining the OPP. While waiting to join the Force he was employed in security work in Toronto. He joined the OPP in March 1976 and was posted to Apsley Detachment, north of Peterborough. While in Apsley, he began his involvement with the OPPA by attending Branch and Board meetings. Peter also began his long lasting membership with Lion’s International. He was Lion’s Member of the Year and was responsible for organizing one of the first fire department rescue units in rural Ontario.

In 1981, Peter volunteered for and transferred to the Northwest Patrol Unit in Sioux Lookout. He describes this posting as the highlight of his police career. In 1983, on the completion of his duration posting, he transferred to Peterborough Detachment. From 1984 to 1988 he was Detachment Community Services Officer.

In December 1988, Peter was promoted to Sergeant as the Provincial Crime Stoppers and Crime Prevention Coordinator in Field Coordination Branch at GHQ. In July 1993 he was transferred to First Nations and Contract Policing Bureau as a Contract Analyst. In 1998 he became the Transition Coordinator for Contract Policing.

Peter has been a member of the Branch 18 Executive since the early 1990’s, holding the position of Director and for the last 18 months Vice-President. He is Co-chair of the GHQ Health and Safety Committee. In 1996, he was asked to form an OPPA Colour Party for Association functions. This he did and it was not long before the OPP started utilizing its services. In 1998, Commissioner Boniface adopted the Colour Party as the Corporate Unit for the OPP. Now called the OPPA/OPP Ceremonial Unit, it takes part in over 40 events each year. Peter also secured funding and assisted in the formation of six Regional colour parties. These colour parties have also been very successful. Peter attributes these successes to the support he has received from all the volunteers, the Senior Board and his Bureau Commanders, past and present.

In partnership with the Barrie Lion’s Club, he was instrumental in starting the Branch 18 OPPA/Barrie Lion’s Youth Band, which gives young people the opportunity to get involved in community service.

Peter is married to Nancy, his partner of 26 years, and has two sons, Neil, age 24 and Colin, age 20.

Peter has always been a tireless and hard working member of the Ontario Provincial Police Association. Congratulations to him on an award well deserved.