OPP Association President’s Message

Community safety is one of the most vital public services.  The OPP Association works with all levels of government and public safety stakeholders to ensure our members are safe and healthy, so they can keep our communities safe and healthy, too.  In the current political climate, we continue to face many challenges, and we will continue to work hard to meet them.

Times have changed

The nature of policing has changed since the Association was founded in 1954.  The OPP is a unique organization, mandated to provide both municipal and provincial police services.  Our members police rural and isolated communities, where costs can be higher and distances are longer.  The OPP also supports municipal forces that, due to municipal cost-cutting, may be forced to go without their own specialized services, such as a canine unit or emergency response. 

Increased reliance on modern technology, complex investigations (such as international investigations and those involving white-collar crime), and requirements imposed by the courts, have all added workplace and budgetary stress.  Our members are being asked to do more.  Doing more unfortunately costs more, and that economic reality has made our members a political target.

Fortunately, the OPP is able to save money in ways that municipal forces cannot.  Centralized recruitment, training and staffing management, economies of scale due to bulk purchasing, centralized dispatching, and access to technology and research reduce costs while ensuring consistent and professional services to all OPP-serviced areas.  This is why the OPP is generally a less-expensive option than a municipal force (35-60%, according to a recent government report).

There is room for efficiency and cost savings; our members understand that, because we’re taxpayers too.  But these must be achieved in an evidence-based manner with a sound rationale for any proposed change.  We get value for money.  Public safety policy should not be made in sound bites.

Our communities are safer than ever

In the meantime, thanks to the hard work and professionalism of our uniform and civilian law enforcement, our communities are safer than ever before.  The fact that crime rates are down is evidence that getting more officers on the street (with access to more modern equipment and better resources) is working.  Crime prevention and abatement strategies are working.  And we’ll continue to advocate for better strategies to make our communities even better places to live.

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Stay safe.

Rob Jamieson
OPP Association

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

2017 OPPA "Bill Elliott" Member of the Year



Honour Roll

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OPPA Board of Directors of 1978 authorized the construction of an Honour Roll in memory of OPP officers who died in the line of duty in the service the people of Ontario.