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Free Webinar-Mindset Matters-Retired Edmonton Police Officer Dan Jones' Journey Through Trauma, Wellness and Retirement

  • Date:June 07, 2023
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Wednesday, June 28th – 10:00am ET – 11:00am ET
Featuring Retired Edmonton Police Officer Dan Jones
Dan’s Journey through Trauma, Wellness, and Retirement

About the Speaker:
Dan retired from the Edmonton Police Service after 25 years of service. He has experience working in different divisions, including General Patrol, Foot Patrol, the Undercover Operations and Gang Unit, Professional Standards Branch, and Homicide Section as a Detective. He was also a Staff SGT for General Patrol, and he was an Inspector with the Investigative Support Branch, Downtown Division Patrol and Research unit. He earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology from the University of Cambridge, and he is currently a PhD Candidate at Huddersfield University.

About the Session:
Join us on Wednesday, June 28th, from 10:00am ET – 11:00am ET to have a conversation with retired Edmonton Police Officer, Dan Jones as he walks us through his journey of policing in a variety of roles and how the trauma he encountered impacted his life. He will courageously share his story – what prompted his outreach for help, how the trauma shaped his life and those in his life, his experiences and journey with wellness and recovery, and his approach for managing the ongoing responses to trauma stimuli. He will also share his transition into retirement – how he has managed and the work he still must do.  

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In this incredible session, we had the privilege of hosting Joe Roberts, famously known as The Skidrow CEO, along with Retired OPP Constable Scott MacLeod. Their paths crossed in a moment of crisis back in 1991 when Scott responded to Joe's distress call, initially perceiving him as "just another addict going to jail." Little did he know that this encounter would spark a life-changing journey for Joe, propelling him from the streets of Vancouver as a homeless skid row addict to becoming an esteemed business and community leader. 
During the session, we delved into this extraordinary story, exploring it from both perspectives. We sought to understand what made this interaction so unique and ultimately led to such a positive transformation.