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133rd Life Saving Defibrillator Donation by Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund Honours Ryan Russell

  • Date:October 12, 2021
Spouse Survivors Brenda Orr, Kim Coffin, Heather Pham, Shelley Atkinson and Christine Russell
at dedication of the 133rd defebrillator donation by Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund
in memory of Sergeant Ryan Russell October 12, 2021 in Toronto. 

The 133rd Life Saving Defibrillator Donation by the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund was dedicated in memory of Sergeant Ryan Russell on a beautiful, sunny, fall morning Monday October 12, 2021 at the Ryan Russell Parkette in Toronto, a short distance from where Toronto Police Sergeant Ryan Russell was killed in the line of duty on January 12, 2011.

The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund is dedicated to the donation of life-saving defibrillators to public and private buildings and mobile in vehicles in the name of fallen Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Military members who have died in the line of duty.

Christine Russell, the widow of Sergeant Russell, was present, along with spouse survivors of line of duty police deaths Heather Pham, Kim Coffin, Shelley Atkinson and Brenda Orr. The women were all dressed in bright red hoodies for the ceremony. The women departed afterwards in an RV on a 10 day "East Coast Road Trip", where they will be connecting with the spouses of police officers who have died in the line of duty along the route.  

OPP Association President Rob Stinson and OPPA Director Mike Adair (also the Vice President of the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation) both attended the event, along with the President of the OPMF Jason Tomlinson, and a number of Toronto Police Service members.

"The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund's donation of defibrillators have saved three lives and now made 133 donations.  The Dave Mounsey Fund is a tremendous group of individuals who are making a difference for many people.  The Memorial Fund is helping families of fallen officers, and improving the safetey of our communities. All invovled in the Dave Mounsey Fund are to be commended. The widows of our fallen officers supporting each other was heartwarming to see today." Stinson said. 

Mike Adair echoed President Stinson's sentiments, and added his thanks to OPP Provincial Constable Patrick Armstrong who has worked tirelessly over the years to honour his coach officer, Dave Mounsey by starting the Dave Mounsey Memorial Foundation in 2009, and continuing on the work today.

For anyone who wishes to make a financial donation to the Dave Mounsey Memorial Foundation, donations may be sent to the DMMF directly at: PO Box 153. Zurich ON N0M 2T0.

The Foundation also promotes a  'Line of Duty' Hosta, which is an officially registered hosta and available only at Hosta Choice. It was created in memory of PCP Paul Patterson, killed in the line of duty in 2007. For each Line of Duty Hosta sold, Hosta Choice will donate $20 to the DMMF. 

OPP Association President Rob Stinson, Director Mike Adair and OPP Officer Patrick Armstrong
join spouses of police officers who died in the line of duty at the 133rd defibrillator donation of The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund in Toronto October 12, 2021

Ontario Police Memorial Foundation President Jason Tomlinson (left), Christine Russell 
and OPP Officer & Founder of Dave Mounsey Memorial Foundation Patrick Armstrong at the 
dedication of the 133rd defibrillator donation in memory of Sergeant Ryan Russell Oct 12, 2021 in Toronto.

Five spouses of Ontario police officers who died in the line of duty departed October 12, 2021 from Toronto on an 'East Coast Road Trip' for ten days to visit and support spouses of fallen officers on the East Coast of Canada.